Our Technical Consultants are the essential builders and problem-solvers of sustainable mobility, providing hands-on technical expertise in strategic planning and operational efficiency. Drawing upon a blend of strategic thinking, project management skills, and deep knowledge of railway operations, they devise and implement robust, sustainable, and effective solutions for our clients. Their role involves developing strategic service plans, performing network and capacity planning, optimizing timetables, and planning train operations.

This path is ideally suited for professionals who enjoy applying their technical knowledge in a practical context, solving complex mobility problems, and seeing their work make a tangible impact on the world.


This is the starting line of your consulting journey. You will be a part of project teams, supporting data analysis, performing modeling tasks, and presenting findings, gaining exposure to clients while applying your technical knowledge to contribute to various stages of project development and implementation. You will gain knowledge on DB E.C.O. North America’s innovative approaches to service planning, market assessment, operations analysis, and capital program development, and you will be trained on market leading software tools.


You will coordinate with clients on specific project components, lead presentations and discuss technical solutions, employ expertise to design and implement strategic service plans, develop optimized timetables, and improve operations planning. You will learn structure planning processes, working with clients to identify specific goals, understand operational and physical constraints of the railroad, and identify tradeoffs among competing technical solutions.

Senior Consultant

You will be regularly interfacing with clients, leading specific parts of projects, and presenting complex technical solutions. Your strong communication skills and technical knowledge will be crucial in transforming client requirements into effective and efficient operational plans, as you will be responsible for overseeing and ensuring quality of technical work produced at your direction by analysts and consultants on projects.


You are the main point of contact for our clients, responsible for overseeing project delivery, managing client feedback, leading team meetings, and presenting strategic recommendations.

Senior Manager

You will lead multiple project teams, manage the expectations of a variety of stakeholders, conduct strategic discussions with senior client stakeholders, present project outcomes, negotiate deliverables, and ensure the successful delivery of our technical consulting services.


As a principal consultant, you play a key role in shaping the future direction of our technical consulting services, acting as strategic advisor for our most significant clients, leading complex, large-scale projects, representing the firm at industry events and conferences, and securing new business.

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