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At DB E.C.O. North America, we are more than just a company — we are a community of forward-thinkers, innovators, and problem-solvers dedicated to shaping the future of rail and transit. With the strength of our expansive global network, we tap into a wealth of knowledge and resources to bring best practices from around the world right to our doorstep. By championing sustainability, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation, we not only craft impactful solutions but also offer enriching career experiences. Dive into a workplace where your passion meets purpose, and where every challenge is a new opportunity to thrive. Explore our culture, meet the team, and discover the many reasons why DB E.C.O. North America is the ideal place to advance your career. Your journey to making a difference starts here.

Why choose us?

Passion for rail & public transportation

Every day at DB E.C.O. North America presents a new challenge, as we navigate the intricacies of rail and transit consulting. Our projects push the envelope, providing opportunities to innovate and create meaningful impact.

Diverse & highly motivated team

Our team is a mix of unique cultures, backgrounds, and expertise. This diversity fuels our creativity, fostering a dynamic environment where every perspective is valued and contributes to our collective excellence. Each member brings a relentless drive and motivation, pushing boundaries and striving for greater achievements daily.

Global reach, local insight

We leverage our connections to DB E.C.O. Group and Deutsche Bahn to apply international best practices and insights, tailored perfectly to address the unique challenges and opportunities of the North American market.

Culture of teamwork

Our approach is built on collaboration. Open communication, mutual respect, and shared objectives ensure we leverage the full potential of our collective expertise, resulting in remarkable achievements.

Work-life balance

We understand the importance of a balanced life. While we are driven by our mission, we also ensure our team enjoys flexibility and understanding to nurture both their professional and personal pursuits.

Attractive career prospects

With DB E.C.O. North America, the opportunities for professional growth are vast. Drawing insights from a broad network, including ties with the global DB E.C.O. Group and Deutsche Bahn, our employees have unique avenues to learn, evolve, and excel in their careers.

Competitive compensation & benefits

We understand the value of our employees, and we ensure they are well taken care of. From comprehensive health packages to retirement plans, our benefits are designed to cater to the well-being of our staff, making sure they are always at their best.

Define your path

At DB E.C.O. North America, we recognize that driving the future of sustainable mobility requires both broad strategic thinking and deep technical expertise. To cater to these diverse needs, we offer three exciting consulting career paths: 

Management Consulting

Our Management Consultants provide strategic and operational guidance to our clients, enabling them to lead their organizations more effectively, enhance business performance, and innovate their product and service portfolio. Drawing upon project management expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the transit industry, our consultants devise robust strategies, formulate operational or financial improvement plans, build compelling business cases, and manage implementation projects or programs.

Technical Consulting

Our Technical Consultants are the essential builders and problem-solvers of sustainable mobility, providing hands-on technical expertise in strategic planning and operational efficiency. Drawing upon a blend of strategic thinking, project management skills, and deep knowledge of railway operations, they devise and implement robust, sustainable, and effective solutions for our clients. Their role involves developing strategic service plans, performing network and capacity planning, optimizing timetables, and planning train operations.

Subject Matter Expert Advisory

Our Expert Consultants are specialists, providing critical, in-depth technical knowledge that enhances our consulting solutions. These subject matter experts dive deep into areas such as Service & Operations Planning, Fleet Management, Vehicle Engineering, and Station Design. They offer insights and solutions on specific problems, ensuring our sustainable mobility strategies are robust, innovative, and practical. This track is ideal for those who have specialized knowledge in a certain area and enjoy focusing on specific, complex technical challenges.

All three paths offer career progression, but with different areas of focus, ensuring that all our team members can find a role that fits their skills and interests and grows with them. Our management consultants, technical consultants, and subject matter experts work hand in hand on client projects. Drawing on each other’s strengths, they combine strategy, technical insights, and industry knowledge to deliver sustainable solutions to our clients.

Meanwhile, our Finance and Administration team ensures that every aspect of our business runs efficiently and seamlessly. Comprising dedicated professionals in Accounting & Controlling, Commercial Project Management, IT, HR, Legal, and Business Support, this team provides critical organizational support. Whether it’s financial oversight, strategic project management, IT support and solutions, talent development, legal advice, or general business support, our Finance and Administration team is instrumental in driving our success.

This is what your job could look like

Analyst – Management Consulting

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Consultant – Technical Consulting

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Subject Matter Expert

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