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DB E.C.O. North America is a rail and transit consultancy that offers specialized management and technical consulting services to agencies, private companies, and operators in rail and public transportation. Our cross-disciplinary team of subject matter experts, technical consultants, and management consultants work closely with our clients to innovate their product and service portfolios and elevate their business performance.

DB E.C.O. North America, established in 2017 and headquartered in Sacramento, California, is part of the DB E.C.O. Groupand leverages Deutsche Bahn’srenowned global expertise to advance mobility and rail transportation across the U.S. and Canada.

We provide expert advice and solutions within all major strategic business areas and operational processes in rail and transit. We collaborate with clients on topics from service planning and operations to general business optimization. Our engagements span from management consulting and technical consulting to comprehensive rail implementation projects. Throughout our work we focus on the customer experience, sustainability, ridership, revenue, and operational excellence.


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Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn is one of the world’s leading mobility and logistics companies employing over 336,000 people around the globe, including over 221,000 in Germany. Headquartered in Berlin, Deutsche Bahn designs, operates, and maintains the biggest integrated rail and transport network in Europe, covering 21,000 miles of rail, 5,400 stations, 65,000 switches and crossings, and 3,800 train control signaling systems.

Every day, Deutsche Bahn runs over 23,000 trains and operates a fleet of 25,000 buses, serving more than 10 million passengers through its local, regional, and long-distances services. Carrying not only people, but also freight, Deutsche Bahn moves 222 million tons of rail freight annually and is one of the largest land, air, and ocean freight forwarding and logistics companies in the world, present in 130 countries.

DB E.C.O. Group

DB E.C.O. Group is Deutsche Bahn’s international engineering, consulting, and operations services division. With over 7,100 employees from 94 nations, DB E.C.O. Group delivers reliable, cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable solutions that shape the future of mobility and transport around the globe.

  • Engineering: Worldwide leader in rail infrastructure design, digitalization of railways, and leveraging building information modeling.
  • Consulting: Providing unparalleled global mobility solutions, merging comprehensive rail system consulting with IT expertise.
  • Operations: Applying extensive experience and know-how in operations and maintenance of complex railway systems worldwide, ensuring seamless mobility for people and goods.

Our Vision

To assist our North American clients in developing the mobility world of tomorrow through outstanding, long-lasting, and significant enhancements in their business and organizational performance.

Our Mission

To help our clients in innovating their product and service portfolios, elevate their business performance, and build a great company that attracts people who are excited to make sustainable changes in the mobility sector.

Our Principles

  • To enhance the customer journey
  • To improve the accessibility and availability of mobility services
  • To achieve operational excellence in service delivery
  • To facilitate the transition to net-zero mobility

Meet our management team

Our Leadership

Our leadership at DB E.C.O. North America is anchored by professionals with a profound understanding of North American rail and transport dynamics. Their combined expertise strengthens our commitment to sustainable, efficient, and unified transit solutions. With their direction, we consistently pioneer new frontiers of innovation in our sector. Meet the leadership team behind DB E.C.O. North America’s success.

Sustainability is our business

At DB E.C.O. North America we support organizations in reducing their environmental footprint through achieving net-zero emissions. Some of our initiatives include:

  • reduce unnecessary transportation – we work remotely minimizing commutes and travel to work locations
  • promote modal shift and utilize public transportation – when we travel to clients and team events, sustainable public transportation choices are encouraged, with frequent travel by train
  • limit the environmental impact of buildings – we strive to share office space effectively with others and seek out buildings that are LEED certified

In addition, Deutsche Bahn has plans to be net-zero by 2040 and we plan to contribute to that goal.

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