Providing Essential Guidance in the Development of a State Rail Plan

DB E.C.O. North America offered essential strategic and technical assistance in crafting a new state rail plan. This plan lays out a detailed strategy centered around the vision of a modern, integrated rail and transit network which will be significantly expanding over the next three decades. The strategy development was based on DB E.C.O. North America’s novel service-led planning methodology. This methodology helped to quickly establish clear and highly integrated long-term service objectives and identify essential infrastructure investments while maximizing synergies and minimizing cost. Through close collaboration with state agencies, DB E.C.O. North America helped to define and plan improved rail services for the state’s residents, while also laying the foundation to secure crucial funding.


Our client, a state transportation department, was tasked with developing a new state rail plan based around the vision for a modern and integrated statewide rail and transit network. The rail plan enables economic development, addresses environmental concerns, relieves road congestion, and can form the basis to secure federal funding. It is a key component of the state’s overarching integrated transportation plan that promotes the efficient, safe, and sustainable movement of goods and people. Realizing the vision will require significant investment in passenger rail by mid-century.

The client asked our team to provide strategic and technical guidance and support in crafting the state rail plan, ensuring the development of a clear, technically sound strategy that balances long-term service goals, efficient network operations, and necessary infrastructure investments for the future network.


DB E.C.O. North America led the development and production of the state rail plan, ensuring it aligned with the state’s vision of significantly expanding rail services throughout the state. The DB team developed and implemented a service-led planning methodology, which was instrumental in setting clear long-term service goals, streamlining network operations, and pinpointing infrastructure investments essential for the future network. The team supported stakeholder management, integrating funding and operating agencies throughout the state in the planning process and policy development.


With our comprehensive support, the state’s transportation department successfully documented a clear path towards realizing the state’s vision for an expanded and integrated rail and transit network. Aligned with all key stakeholders in the state, the state rail plan serves as an excellent foundation to secure necessary funding and to enter detailed planning phases of implementation projects. Through DB E.C.O. North America’s efforts, the state is equipped to reshape its transportation landscape, improving rail services for its residents in the coming decades.

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