“Operations & Network Design” Visit to Germany: DB E.C.O. North America Showcases Innovative Rail Service Approaches

April 30, 2023

DB E.C.O. North America’s trip to Germany focused on practical insights for improving US rail services.


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From April 24th – 28th, 2023, DB E.C.O. North America organized a visit to Germany to explore practical innovations that could enhance regional and intercity rail services in the United States.

Participants toured Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Berlin, and Leipzig to see the latest developments in transportation planning and operations. The trip included discussions, site visits, and tours, emphasizing the role of technology in optimizing routes and schedules.

The trip highlighted Germany’s integrated transportation planning, where different modes of transport connect to a comprehensive network. This approach is seen as a possible model for improving rail services in the United States. Participants also learned about operational excellence and technological advancements in Germany’s rail system, along with the importance of urban planning, sustainability, and transportation integration.

DB E.C.O. North America aimed to inspire and inform U.S. stakeholders about possibilities for enhancing rail services through innovation and efficiency. As rail services evolve, DB E.C.O. North America remains committed to promoting positive changes in the industry. It is also part of DB E.C.O. North America’s portfolio to organize tailored delegation visits and knowledge exchange opportunities for interested stakeholders. For more information, contact info@db-eco.us.

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